GTA: San Andreas Cheats, Codes And Unlockables

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough

Don't trip if you've been getting busted up by the Ballas. Peep this guide to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for everything you need to get through the 'hoods of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

Cheat Codes
Enter these during gameplay without pausing:

Cheat                                                                            Effect

R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up $250,000, full health and armor (also repairs cars if you are in one)
RIGHT, R2, UP, UP, R2, CIRCLE, SQUARE, R2, L1, RIGHT, DOWN, L1 Aggressive Drivers
R2, Circle, R1, L2, Left R1, L1, R2, L2 Aggressive Traffic
L1, Circle, Triangle, L1, L1, Square, L2, Up, Down, Left All Pedestrians Are Elvis
up,x,triangle,x,triangle,x,square,R2,right all taxis get nitro + jump up when you press L3
L2, RIGHT, L1, UP, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1 All Traffic is Junk Cars
Right, R1, Up, L2, L2, Left, R1, L1, R1, R1 All Traffic Lights Stay Green
Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Square, L1, L1 All Vehicles Invisible (Except Motorcycles)
SQUARE, L1, R1, RIGHT, X, UP, L1, LEFT, LEFT always midnight (time stuck at 00:00)
x,x,square,r1,l1,x,down,left,x andrenaline mode
L1, L2, L2, Up, Down, Down, Up, R1, R2, R2 Any vehicle you punch this in, can blow up anything like a tank.
SQUARE, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, L2, X, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE Attracts Prostitutes with Sex Toys/Gimp Suit
Circle, L2, Up, R1, Left, X, R1, L1, Left, Circle Black Traffic
Square, R2, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Left, L2, X Cars Float Away When Hit
square, down, L2, up, L1, circle, up, x, left Cars Fly
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2 Cars on Water
L2, RIGHT, L1, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, RIGHT, R1, L1, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1 Chaos mode
Triangle, Triangle, L1, Square, Square, Circle, Square, Down, Circle Civilians are fast food workers & clowns, CJ is a clown, cars are pizza scooter, BF Injection, HotKnife, Tug, Quad, etc.
Right, L2, Down, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, L2, L1 Commit Suicide
R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1 Destroy Cars
Up, Up, Down, Down, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Triangle, Down. Everyone bikini babes, all cars beach cars, Cj in shorts and flipflops.
Right, R1, Up, L2, L2, Left, R1, L1, R1, R1 Spawn Faster Cars
Circle, Circle, L1, Square, L1, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, O, Triangle Faster Clock
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, L2, L1, Square Faster Gameplay
R2, Circle, Up, L1, Right, R1, Right, Up, Square, Triangle Flying Boats
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X Fog
up, up, square, L2, right, x, R1, down, R2, circle Full Weapon Aiming Whilst Driving
Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, X, Down, Up, Square, Right Gang members spawn much faster
Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, X Down Gives you an automatic six star wanted level
DOWN, SQUARE, X, LEFT, R1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, L1, L1, L1 Hitman In all weapon
square,square,R2,left,up,square,R2,X,X,X Improve Suspension
up, L1, R1, up, right, up, x, L2, x, L1 Increase car speed
L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, L1, L1 Inf Ammo
Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle Infinite health, still hurt from explosions, drowning, and falling.
Down, Left, L1, Down, Down, R2, Down, L2, Down Infinite Lung Capacity
Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right Jetpack
Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Left, Right, Square, R2, R2 Jump 10 times higher
Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, L2, R1, R2. Jump 100 feet in air on bike
CIRCLE, RIGHT, CIRCLE, RIGHT, LEFT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, UP Locks wanted level at however many stars you have. They will NEVER increase or decrease, not even with bribes/cheats. Still get attacked in impound.
R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down Lower Wanted Level
SQUARE, L2, X, R1, L2, L2, LEFT, R1, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1 Max All Vehicle stats (Driving, Flying Bike, Cycling)
Triangle, Up ,Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Down Max Fat
triangle,up,up,left,right,square,circle,left Max Muscle
L1, R1, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, X, L1, UP, L2, L2, L1, L1 Max Respect
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square Morning
SQUARE, L2, R1, TRIANGLE, UP, SQUARE, L2, UP, X Never become hungry
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Triangle Night
L2, Up, R1, R1, Left, R1, R1, R2, Right, Down No citizens or cops, only gang members having gun fights
X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Left No Peds, Hardly any traffic, Parked cars still spawn
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Down Noon
Left, Left, L2, R1, Right, Square, Square, L1, L2, X Orange Sky
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square Overcast
Down, Up, Up, Up, X, R2, R1, L2, L2 Pedestrian Attack (cannot be turned off)
Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1 Pedestrian Riot (cannot be turned off)
R2, R1, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down Pedestrians have weapons
X, L1, UP, SQUARE, DOWN, X, L2, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R1, L1, L1 Peds Attack (Guns)
X X Down R2 L2 O R1 O Square Peds become asian dudes with Katana's. Mostly black cars and motorcycles patrol the streets.
Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1 Insane Handling
Circle, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, Right, Circle Pink Traffic
Right, L2, L2, Down, L2, Up, Up, L2, R2 Prostitutes pay you instead of you paying them
R1, R1, Circle, R2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left Raise Wanted Level
DOWN, SQUARE, UP, R2, R2, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP Recruit Anyone (9mm)
R2, R2, R2, X, L2, L1, R2, L1, DOWN, X Recruits Anyone (w/Rockets)
Up, Down, L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, L2, R1, R2 Sand Storm
Triangle, Up ,Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Right Skinny
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1 Slower Gameplay
Right, Up, R1, R1, R1, Down, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, L1, L1 Spawn a Monster
Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Up, Down, Right, L1 spawn a parachute
Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle Spawn A Rhino
R2, Up, L2, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right Spawn a Stretch
Down, R1, Circle, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, Left, Left Spawn Bloodring Banger
Circle, L1, Up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, X Spawn Caddy
R2, L1, L1, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP, X, L1, LEFT spawn dozer
R1, circle, R2, Right, L1, L2, X (2), Square, R1 Spawn Hotring Racer #1
R2, L1, Circle, Right, L1, R1, Right, Up, circle, R2 Spawn Hotring Racer #2
CIRCLE, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, CIRCLE, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1 Spawn Hunter
Up, Right, Right, L1, Right, Up, Square, L2 Spawn Rancher
R1, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, R2, UP, RIGHT, SQUARE, RIGHT, L2, L1, L1 Spawn Tanker
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, Up Spawns Hydra
Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2 Spawns Quadbike
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L2, Down, Down Spawns Vortex
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Circle Storm
Circle, Up, L1, L2, Down, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, X, Triangle. Stuntplane
Up, Left, X, Triangle, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L2 Super Punch
TRIANGLE, LEFT, SQUARE, R2, UP, L2, DOWN, L1, X, L1, L1, L1 Traffic is Country Vehicles
L1 L1 R1 R1 L2 L1 R2 Down Left Up Turns All Vehicles Into Country Vehicles
Down, R2, Down, R1, L2, Left, R1, L1, Left, Right Unlock Romero
Circle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right Unlock Trashmaster
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up Weapons 1
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left Weapons 2
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left , Down, Down, Down Weapons 3
L2, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, LEFT, R2, SQUARE, X, R1, L1, L1 Weather Cloudy
X, Square, Down, X, Square, Up, R1, R1 Calls the nearest ped to get in your car or get on your bike. Only gives a confirmation message if you're in a vehicle and there's a ped nearby.
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Afrika Cheats & Codes PS3

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Bronze trophies
Hippopotamus Yawn - Complete Mission "The ultimate big mouth... You know who!".
Cheetah Hunt - Complete Mission "Hunting at 60 mph".
Approach African Buffalo - Complete Mission "Photo for "Nature Power" magazine".
Baby African Elephant - Complete Mission "Looking for material for a new picture book".
African Elephant Showering - Complete Mission "African Elephant cooling off in the water".
Wild Dog Hunt - Complete Mission "The endangered African Wild Dog".
African Elephant Trumpet - Complete Mission "Urgent! African Elephant"s powerful roar".
Leopard Hunt - Complete Mission "A silent hunter that sneaks up on its prey".
Sunset and Reticulated Giraffe - Complete Mission "A single shot that symbolizes Africa".
Mysterious Wall Painting - Complete Mission "Investigate evidence of indigenous people".
Hippopotamus Fight - Complete Mission "Victory hinges on the size of their mouths".
Gerenuk Eating Food - Complete Mission "Urgent! Photo for "All About Mammals" guide".
Plains Zebra"s Intimidation - Complete Mission "Wrath of the Plains Zebra".
Skull Collection 1 - Complete Mission "Could you hunt down some animal bones?".
Lions Pride - Complete Mission "Lion, king of the beasts".
Nile Crocodile Hunt - Complete Mission "To my dear Nile Croc specialist!".
Pelican Cry - Complete Mission "Urgent! Need that bird call".
Commemorative Photo with Masai - Complete mission "Job: Piece to be included in photo book".
White Rhinoceros Family - Complete Mission "Thanks! Our book is flying off the shelves".
Mysterious Footprints - Complete Mission "Please go verify this rumor".
Collect Crittercam - Complete Mission "Crittercam retrieval".
Travel side by side with troop - Complete Mission "Urgent! Publicity still for our documentary".
Sunset and Oryx - Complete Mission "The oryx and its long horns".
Baby Cheetah Cry - Complete Mission "An adorable baby calling for its mama".
Skull Collection 2 - Complete Mission "Clue to the mystery creature"s identity".
Lion Fight - Complete Mission "Intergenerational battle".
Sunset and Cheetah - Complete Mission "You"re a hit! Got time for another?".
Discover King Cheetah - Complete Mission "King Cheetah with snake-like patterns".
Discover Pygmy Hippopotamus - Complete Mission "The endangered Pygmy Hippopotamus".
Discover Black Leopard - Complete Mission "Black Leopard lurking in the dark".
Discover Okapi - Complete Mission "The rare and cautious okapi".
White Rhinoceros Fight - Encounter "White Rhinoceros Fight".
Leopard vs Olive Baboon - Encounter "Leopard vs Olive Baboon".
Cheetah vs Warthog - Encounter "Cheetah vs Warthog".

Silver trophies
Wildebeest River Crossing - Complete Mission "The wildebeest herd"s spectacular moment".
Masai Giraffe Necking - Complete Mission "Research Req: Fight between Masai Giraffes".
African Elephant Boss - Complete Mission "Mind risking your life for a photo?".
Lion Hunt - Complete Mission "Job: The king"s hunt".
Find Bottle - Find the bottle.
Cheetah on car - Encounter "Cheetah on car".

Gold trophies
Complete Safari Mode - Complete Mission "The "Nunda", a giant beast of legend".
Item Complete - Get all the items.
Mission & Big Game Trophy Complete - Complete all the missions and the big game trophy.
Complete Animal Encyclopedia - Complete the Animal Encyclopedia.

Platinum trophy
Jambo! AFRIKA! - Completed AFRIKA! Congratulations!!!
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Acceleration Of Suguri X-Edition Cheats, Codes And Unlockables

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Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Hime - Complete Arcade mode under the Normal or higher difficulty.
No Name - Complete "Falling Wonder", the first Story mode, without using any continues.
QP - Complete "Pudding Deity", the second Story mode, without using any continues.
Sora - Complete the Arcade mode under the Normal or higher difficulty and earn an "A" rank or better on every fight except Hime.
Suguri SP - Complete "Falling Wonder", the first Story mode.


Bronze trophies
You're Cooked - Defeat Saki in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
Pew Pew, Iru Iru - Defeat Iru in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
Napoleon Complex - Defeat Nanako in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
Burning Up On Re-entry - Defeat Kae in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
You'd Better Ice That - Defeat Kyoko in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
There Can Only Be One - Defeat Suguri in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
Dancing Days - Defeat Hime in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode before time runs out.
Float Like A Butterfly - Win a fight without taking damage in Arcade Mode.
Keep Your Cool - Win a fight without reaching 150% on the heat gauge in Arcade Mode.
Like A Drum - Land a 30 hit combo or higher in Arcade Mode.
Time's Up - Win 5 matches in Normal or Hard Arcade Mode with 50 seconds or more left.

Silver trophies
Ode To Joystick - Complete Hard Standard Arcade Mode.
On The Tale End - Complete both Story modes on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Gold trophies
What's Your Story - Unlock all character story lines on any difficulty

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A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode R Cheats, Codes And Unlockables

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A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode R Cheats, Codes And Unlockables
Unlockable units:
Unlock the following units by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bonta-kun - Start your seventh playthrough.
Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth - Start your twelfth playthrough.
Guren Mk-II - Start your fifth playthrough.
Hi-Nu Gundam & Crossbone Gundam X-1 - Start your tenth playthrough.
Koing Monster - Encounter her in Story mode during your fourth playthrough.
Lancelot & Lancelot Air Calvary - Start your ninth playthrough.
Nu Gundam - Start your second playthrough.
Sousuke's M9 - Start your third playthrough.
VF-0S & Armored Klan - Start your eleventh playthrough.
XAN - Start your eighth playthrough.
Z-3 White Unicorn Custom - Start your sixth playthrough.

Konig Monster Destroid:
Successfully complete the game. Start another game session. Play the desert stages. One of them features a cinematic with Konig Monster Destroid and Zentradi enemies cheering a singing Loli-Chan idol. Afterwards, you will fight two Bosses with the Idoru occasionally appearing on the main screen. During the two Boss battles, try to bump into or shoot the allied Konig Monster that is in flying shuttle form. It will appear as a blue dot on the mini-map. Note: If you have two wingmen, the Monster shuttle is one of the three blue dots on the mini-map. Complete that mission to unlock the mech and its pilot.

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Extra Hard difficulty - Successfully complete any route under the Hard difficulty setting.
Hyaku Shiki Challenge mission - Successfully complete the game once, then reach stage 5 of the Zeta Route.
Series Rush mission - Successfully complete the game, then continue with your cleared saved game file.Aquarion Hunt Challenge mission - Successfully complete the game once, then reach stage 5 of the Aquarion Route.


Unknown trophies
Attacker - Destroy 100 enemies with a Burst Attack.
Burst, Britannia! - Use the Guren's Radiation Wave attack to destroy the Lancelot, Tristan and Mordred in the mission "Red Suprise Strategy".
Catch and Release - Hit 50 enemies with a Throw Attack.
Checkmate - Clear Code Geass route on any difficulty.
Crusher - Destroy 2000 total objects.
Destroyer - Destroy 1000 ojbects in one mission on any difficulty.
Earthshaker - Clear the Macross Zero route on any difficulty.
Elemental Power - Using either Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Mars or Aquarion Luna, destroy the Grave Cherudim.
Extras Complete - Rush Attack.
Frozen Over - Freeze 10 enemies at the same time with King Gainer's Time Freeze Attack.
Full Burst - Destroy 5 enemies at the same time with Strike Freedom's Hi-Mat Attack.
Genesis Fusion - Clear Aquarion route on any difficulty.
Guard Master - Block 1000 attacks with your shield.
Hotblood! - Clear the Super Robot Wars OG route on any difficulty.
Interceptor - Counter 500 attacks with automatic interception.
Kadun Conflict - Destroy 500 enemies in the Battroid form of the VF-0A.
King's Title - Clear Overman King Gainer route on any difficulty.
Leader - Clear any route on HARD difficulty.
Limit Breaker - Destroy 100 enemies with a Limit Break Attack.
Little Lost Child - Move the Cybuster 4000km.
More than a Man - Clear Crossbone Gundam route on any difficulty.
Muramasa Buster - Destroy 5 enemies at the same time with Crossbone Gundam X3's Muramasa Buster Attack.
One Night - Complete the mission "One Night Stand" without destroying any containers.
Perfect Win - Clear any mission on any route on any difficulty without taking any damage.
Person with SEED - Clear Gundam Seed Destiny route on any difficulty.
Pilot - Clear any route on NORMAL difficulty.
Rookie - Clear any route on EASY difficulty.
Round Up - Destroy 300 enemies with explosions.
Routes Complete - Complete all routes on any difficulty.
Samurai - Destroy 1000 enemies with a Combo Atack.
Singularity - Clear Orguss route on any difficulty.
Skeet Shooting - Destroy 50 enemies with a rock throw attack.
Sniper - Destroy 300 enemies with a Sniper Attack.
Stand Alone - Solo 10 missions on any difficulty.
Tank Maniac - Destroy 100 enemies in the Tank form of the Orguss.
Tears of Time - Clear Zeta Gundam route on any difficulty.
THANKS INSTALL - Install game data to HDD.
The Guy I Like is a Sergeant - Clear Full Metal Panic! route on any difficulty.
The Last Chase - Clear the mission "The Two Songstresses" on any difficulty.
The Real Sky - Clear the Macross Frontier route on any difficulty.
Top Gun - Destroy 1000 enemies with any Unit in "Fighter Mode".
Units Complete - Obtain every unit.
Veteran - Clear any route on EXTRA HARD difficulty.
Warriors Blood, Actor's Blood - Kill Tehmzin in the "Fastest Delivery" mission with the VF-25F Rush Attack.
Z Beat - Defeat Yazan's Hamurabi in the "Road to the Sky" mission within 10 minutes.

Platinum trophy
ACE PILOT IS YOU - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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